Born in 1978 in the deserts of the Arabia peninsula, Nouran's original passion was in supplying stunning pieces of decorative lighting ... Fast-forward over thirty years and Nouran now ranks amongst the regional leaders in the realm of integrated architectural lighting. Nouran's approach to illuminating architectural landmarks is to use lighting as a means of assisting project stakeholders in differentiating their developments from the competition.

Our lighting philosophy is a product of Nouran's distinct heritage, arising out of a decades-long market experience. Over the years we have made significant investments in recruiting, retaining and developing talented teams of lighting specialists.For over three decades, Nouran's Lighting Solutions team has pioneered the delivery of cutting edge illumination schemes to premier projects across the region. 

We expose ourselves to the broadest range of projects and consistently remain at the cutting edge of lighting trends be they in technology, fixture design and integration with complementary architectural and engineering disciplines. 

Nouran prides itself at having worked as a lighting project manager and lighting supplier for some of the U.A.E, Saudi Arabia and Qatar's most iconic architectural accomplishments. For years we have been the preferred lighting company for clients seeking to boost their project's value via optimal and expansive lighting solutions.

our history in a nutshell
Founded 1978

Founded in KSA, Nouran is born to participate in the growth story of Saudi Arabia

UAE 1990

First setting up in the capital, Abu Dhabi, Nouran quickly established its roots in Dubai, where the groups HQ is located.


Nouran establishes a Lighting Design department in order to add more value to its clients.

QATAR 2003

Operations in Qatar are established through a partnership with one of the leading players in the market.

Split Nouran KSA 2003

A new identity is born: Nouran Concept Lighting, after the spin-off of the UAE and Qatar operations from Nouran Trading Company in Saudi Arabia.


A new showroom is opened on Sheikh Zayed Road featuring a new experience in the world of Retail Lighting.


Our showroom in Abu Dhabi is re-furbished and updated to align with our innovative approach to retail.


P.O.Box 51109
T: + 971 4 347 4142
F: + 971 4 340 5852
Timings: Sun-Thu 8.00-17.00

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