Since inception, Nouran has taken this age old adage to heart and sought to deliver lighting innovation and in doing so; a positive return on a client's investment in our lighting solutions. Our corporate ethos has often led us to new horizons in search of delivering even great lighting value to our client's projects.

From stunningly artistic pieces of decorative lighting to ultra sophisticated integrated lighting and control systems not to mention cutting-edge LED and OLED fixtures, Nouran's lighting solutions always infuse an appreciation for the culture of light with an in-depth understanding of your project's unique circumstances.


It is why after over three decades Nouran has gained a hard-earned reputation as a trusted lighting resource for anybody or any firm seeking a greater involvement of lighting in their project. 


P.O.Box 51109
T: + 971 4 347 4142
F: + 971 4 340 5852
Timings: Sun-Thu 8.00-17.00

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