Project solutions


Nouran strives to meet the lighting vision outlined by the client. Irrespective of whether our client is a contractor attempting to engineer a lighting design into a project, a consultant attempting to create harmony across various lighting systems or a developer seeking to reduce the project's overall lighting footprint: our focus is on finding a compromise, or better yet a 'Balance' between one dimensional project specifications and multi-dimensional - sometimes conflicting - stakeholder interests.


Lead time

The handover of a project to the end user is of ultimate importance. As such, given Nouran's involvement from the early stages of a project, supplying the items on time to the site is not compromised. Due to our flexible and agile philosophy, Nouran is able to work within the time constraints presented.


With lighting being an element often procured at the tail end of a project's construction cycle: budgets for lighting systems at the start of a project rarely equate to that which is available at the procurement phase. What is more, in many instances a client's lighting vision is not necessarily in-tune with the contractors available procurement budget. It is in cases such as these that Nouran's expertise comes to the fore: our effort is on striking the ideal 'Balance' between these diverging perspectives by providing a lighting solution as close to each stakeholder's intended goal.


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